Traffolyte Labels

Traffolyte (also known as Phenolic Laminate or Abet Hard Laminate) is a rigid, hard-wearing, chemical resistant sturdy plastic which consists of 3 different contrasting-coloured layers.  By laser engraving it for use as a label, whether it is for a warning label, part label or information label, the engraved text comes out as different colour to that of the actual label – making the text stand out.  It’s good insulating properties makes it an ideal choice when looking to add a label to electrical equipment.

When you are considering using labels and you do not want to have to keep replacing them due to wear and tear, Traffolyte labels are a cost-effective solution to the problem.  They are available in a multitude of colours and can be adhered or can be supplied with holes for you to screw on.

Traffolyte can also be UV printed if you did not want to go down the laser engraving route.

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