Mylar is not only thin and flexible, it is extremely durable too. This plastic compound lends itself perfectly to laser cutting for many varied applications. Here are just a few of those applications:

Stencils: Mylar is great for laser cutting detailed and intricate shapes, making it perfect for the creation of stencils for a wide variety of applications.

Packaging: If you need to make some unique packaging for any item, Mylar is the perfect material. Through laser cutting, unique designs of protective and eye-catching packaging can be created.

Electronics: Electronics manufacturers often use Mylar for the creation of circuits. It lends itself perfectly to these applications, thanks to its flexibility and the ability to be cut into intricate shapes.

Signage: Whether it is an indoor or outdoor application, Mylar is the perfect material for the creation of unique and eye-catching signage.

Templates: Templates are used in a wide variety of applications including sewing and woodworking. Mylar is a great material for the creation of templates, as it is durable and perfect for multi-use applications.

When you laser cut Mylar, you can create a vast range of different items for many useful applications. It lends itself perfectly thanks to being able to be precisely cut, and having great durability properties.


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