Plastic Laminates

Plastic laminates are a great material for a wide range of applications. They are durable and easy to keep clean. Here are just a few applications where plastic laminates are used:

Identification: Laser engraved plastic laminates are a great material for tags, name badges etc. these items can often be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Plastic laminates are particularly good at resisting wear, and will last for long periods of time.

Industrial Labels: Industrial applications often see high temperatures and exposure to chemicals etc. Plastic laminates have great resistant properties to these harsh environments and are perfect for industrial labels.

Electrical Panels: Electric panels for circuit breakers, switches etc. need to be durable and the information upon them has to remain legible for safety reasons. Laser cut laminate is a great material for these applications, due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Safety Signs: Safety signs have to remain easily visible in all environments and weather conditions. They are designed to keep people safe, but they will only do so if the message is clearly visible. Laser cut plastic laminates are just the job for these kinds of applications.

Asset Tags: Asset tags are key to identifying and tracking products. If they become worn and illegible it can cause serious problems for the manufacturer, or storer of the goods. With the use of laser engraved plastic laminates, the tags will be long lasting and legible.

All sorts of applications will benefit from laser engraved plastic laminates, thanks to their strength and durability. Our team of professionals can quite literally create any item you need from plastic laminates.

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