Our Machines

Here at Sussex Lasers, we only use the very latest cutting edge technology to ensure our customers get the best possible finish to their items, each and every time.

For cutting, engraving, and marking, we only use top of the range Epilog lasers. They are designed to give the very best and most precise finish, each and every time, on a broad range of materials.

Precision and control are key to getting the best finish on every item. Our Epilog lasers provide exactly that, enabling us to create the most intricate designs for our customers. No matter what the material, be it metal, wood, acrylic, and many other materials, the precise and detailed finish is always the same.

Speed is another key feature of our Epliog machines. This enables us to create items quickly, and also repeat high volume batches in double quick time. A byproduct of the speed of the machine is not only time saved but money too. We pass on those savings to our customers, making our services extremely cost-effective.

As well as being quick and precise, our Epilog lasers are extremely versatile. This allows our team to either create large batches of special items for industrial applications, or just as easily, create one off personalised items on a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, glass and so much more.

Our Roland LEF2-200 UV flatbed printers allow us to colour print literally any image or design onto a vast range of different materials. We can print directly onto accessories, giftware, ceramics and many, many other different products. The flatbed printer gives brilliant colour results, realistic textures, and even embossed effects.

So, no matter what your laser cutting, etching, or embossing requirements are, we have the very latest machines standing by to create unique and high quality products, just for you.


Printers & Cutters

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