We’ve all opened a box with a new item in it, to find intricately cut foam packaging designed to protect the contents. The applications for foam are vast and here are just a few:

Electronic Equipment: Electronics are everywhere these days. One thing they all have in common is that they can be delicate, and need to be well packaged. That is where our laser cut foam comes in.

Medical Equipment: Equipment used in the medical sector can be delicate and intricately shaped. Correctly designed and cut foam packaging, will ensure they are protected during shipping and storage.

Tool Storage: Tools are tough pieces of kit. But storing them safely and correctly requires intricately cut pieces of heavy duty foam. We have the skills and machinery to create these foam parts, to ensure tools remain safely stored.

Firearms: Few of us own or use firearms, but those who do need to keep them out of harms way, in a sturdy case, surrounded by intricately cut pieces of protective foam.

Jewellery: It’s not only large items that need to be stored or showcased in foam. Smaller items such as jewellery also require foam protection.

The potential applications for foam packaging is vast, but what they all have in common is that each and every one is unique. Our cutting edge machinery and expertise will ensure that your foam packaging application will be finished perfectly, each and every time.

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