Stone & Slate

Engraving will add a wonderful touch to any stone or slate piece. Here are just a few applications for the use of engraving on stone or slate:

Memorial Stones: A memorial stone is a very personal item. The messages on it, and in some cases even images are unique, and must be of the highest quality and long lasting.

Garden Markers: Using stone or slate as garden markers is much more in keeping that plastic. We can create unique one-off garden markers just for you.

Home Décor: We all like to make our homes a little unique and special. The use of engraved stone or slate can create amazing features in a home that will impress your guests.

Corporate Awards: Stone and slate is tough and naturally beautiful. It lends itself perfectly to creating a unique award that will make the recipient feel really special.

Address Markers: House numbers and address markers created from engraved stone or slate really do stand out, and give that special uniqueness to any property.

Stone and slate are natural materials, quarried from the earth beneath our feet. It’s use for items such as memorial stones, makes them special and long lasting. Our team of professionals have the skills and experience to help you create that one off special item in engraved stone or slate.

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